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An Icon Speaks: Whitney Houston’s Comeback

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Did you feel it? Oprah says it’s the most powerful interview she thinks she has done. Yes, we’re talking about Whitney Houston here. Wow! What a great interview and that was only Part 1! I so appreciated Whitney’s candor and Oprah’s compassion- I really felt the power Oprah talked about. Whitney made such an impression on our lives, not only in song but also in style. Sometimes when people get so low, you forget how much of an impact they really have. But as soon as we are reminded of that power, we remember how her melodies speak to our hearts and mind. She speaks with an affirmed certainty and respect for life, including accepting her responsibility. Yes, I say responsibility because with great gifts comes great responsibility. I must point out that I love, love, love her hair! The cut, the color…everything comes into place with her new image. What a great example of what the right hair color and style can do for a woman! She looks young, refreshed, healthy, and is just “on point.” There’s no other expression that comes to mind. Can’t wait to see the rest of the interview tomorrow!


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