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Do You Have Alopecia? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Settle for a Cheap Wig

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Alopecia is the common term used to describe hair loss. There are many circumstances that can lead to hair loss, but whatever the reason, hair loss can change the way you feel about yourself. That’s why De Novo Hair is passionate about offering custom human hair wigs for people with alopecia. You’re losing your hair, but you don’t have to lose your confidence.

Maybe you’re here because alopecia is a part of your reality. You’re not alone.But if this is your first time purchasing a custom human hair wig, then you may be asking, “why does it cost so much?” or “why do I need human hair? or “why do I need custom?” You’re asking the right questions, and I’m so glad you’re here.

Let’s answer the three most common questions that come up when you’re deciding if a custom De Novo wig is right for you.

 1. Why does it cost so much?

The high cost isn’t to line our pockets. Quality usually does not come at bargain levels. We offer the best value on high grade human hair and all of our hair products are hand made with the highest quality in raw materials. When you pay a higher price point at De Novo, you know you’re paying for quality. You’re paying for a piece that will wear effortlessly, look natural, and feel flawless, and lightweight, or to quote one of our customer reviews, “the hair would just melt in my hands.” When you decide to buy a new piece, it becomes a part of you. We recommend you invest the money for a timeless, elegant, and long-lasting look where quality speaks for itself.

2. Why do I need human hair?

Anyone who wears hair pieces or wigs regularly will tell you that human hair is a must! Why? Because it washes, wears, curls, flatirons, brushes, and styles, like…well—human hair! Why would you settle for anything else? Though it has its uses, synthetic hair can feel like you’re wearing a Barbie doll on your head—and have you ever tried brushing and styling a Barbie doll’s hair?

More than that, with human lace hair wigs you get to pick the cut and color that suits you, from highlights, dramatic one tone, or ombre, to precision cut bobs or fringed and flirty razor cuts! You get to have all the fun of picking your look, as you would at the salon!

3. Why do I need a custom wig?

You know those gorgeously dressed starlets on the red carpet? That’s what a custom dress looks like. It’s a dress that is sewn to fit your body, styled to fit your taste, so that it looks red carpet worthy. With our custom wigs, you wear the hair, the hair doesn’t wear you. All you need is to see someone wearing an ill-fitting wig to know the difference. For something that is starlet worthy, and that fits like a glove, try custom, and you’ll never go back. But wait! If you’re worried it’s a difficult process, don’t stress! It’s an easy process you can do online—right here in fact- customize your wig!. Let’s get you started on a great hair day!

Do you have any other questions about your custom human hair wig? We’d love to hear from you! Contact Us!

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