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Flat Ironing & Texture

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De Novo Hair offers the widest variety of hair textures that are suitable for women of all ethnicities. Our clients appreciate the choices they have in matching to their own hair texture or for trying out a new style. With curly or wavy styles, it is relatively easy to pick out a texture based on the curl pattern pictured. The task is more nuanced with straight hair especially since the differences can be more subtle. As with all human hair, it is important to note that the texture can change temporarily based on how the hair is styled, especially when using styling tools like flat irons or curling irons. The heat in these tools essentially changes the bond in the hair shaft. So you can start with the poofy Natural Relaxed texture and end up with Regular Relaxed tresses, based on the amount of heat used on the hair shaft. The important thing to remember about flat irons and the like is that hair is prone to damage from excessive heat and hair abuse just as your own naturally growing hair would be. You don’t want to use these tools too often and a heat protector should be used along with it. You basically don’t want to “fry” the hair to a limp state.

When deciding on a texture, pick one out based on your hair preference and the amount of grooming you think you’re up for. You can usually flat iron each texture to a silkier state. So for a Natural Relaxed, you can flat iron to a Coarse or Regular Relaxed. You can flat iron the Coarse relaxed to a Regular relaxed and so forth. The flat iron will smooth out the hair shaft.

We often get asked whether curly or wavy styles can be flat ironed. The answer is yes but there are some textures where we recommend against it. With afro curly and tight waves it is generally better to just have a second straight wig at hand than going through the labor of flat ironing out all the curls. As long as you have not brought about any heat damage to the hair, it will revert back to the curly state when moisture hits it again (humidity/washing etc.). However, the general rule of thumb is to avoid excessive heat on hair that has gone through chemical processing already. Extra curly hair typically needs more constant heat to straighten and this heat can contribute to dryness and breakage. This is why it’s just better to have a straight wig to alternate with. With the alternate use, both wigs will last longer.


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