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Hair Loss Wigs for Women at De Novo Hair

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De Novo Hair is well known for specializing in hair loss wigs for women. When it comes to losing your hair, this is rarely a one size fits all deal when looking for hair loss solutions. For example, some women only have patches of hair loss around the hairline or perhaps only at the crown or sides. Others may have complete hair loss and desire to remove their wigs daily, while others want to wear their wigs for longer periods of time by using adhesives. Some women are looking for hair loss wigs in bold styles while others are more concerned with duplicating their own hair texture and hair color. Each individual will have unique experiences and unique needs in looking for hair loss wigs for women.

Where to start when ordering hair loss wigs?
When it comes to ordering hair loss wigs for women sometimes one has no idea where to start! That’s why we provide a wealth of material on our site to educate our customers on our offerings on hair loss wigs for women. From the base of the cap, to the hair chosen, down to the style, we’ve got you covered. We realize that the information can be overwhelming at first, especially if this is your first time wearing a lace wig! That’s why we’re here to help you pick out from the myriad of styles we have in hair loss wigs for women. We recommend you start by first browsing through our lace wig styles gallery. If you don’t see a lace wig style that’s just right, you can even send us pictures of styles that you like for us to duplicate. Once we know your preferred style, we can make recommendations on the color, length, cap choices and many other customizations based on your needs & lifestyle.

Ordering can be placed online in the privacy of your home or office. For those who need more consultation, we can schedule a phone conversation to learn more about your special needs and answer all of your questions regarding hair loss wigs for women.

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