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How a Precision Hair Cut Can Make All the Difference On Your Lace Wig.

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We thought it would be great to share two pictures of the same lace wig before and after a precision hair cut. Well, we happen to think the style on picture #2 frames the mannequin’s face better by giving the style an updated and chic look. See how taking off just a few inches and styling really affect the final look? In the before picture, the hair is styled away from the face and the layers have little shape. With the precision cut, we add shape to the layers and style some of the hair toward the face.

You can have your lace wigs cut by a local stylist or order any one of our precision cut styles. If you don’t see a style you like, you can always order a custom lace wig with your own pictures. Keep in mind that we do need some good shots in order to duplicate the style. You can even send us an old wig to duplicate! Sometimes you just have that one wig that you can’t part with- you just love the density, the color, the cut, etc.  We can definitely make a duplicate for you to keep on hand.

When getting your lace wig cut, just remember to pick a professional that knows what they’re doing! Frankly, not every stylist knows how to cut hair well. Remember, the hair is not growing back so if it’s cut too short, for example, there’s no going back! Always err on the side of caution by ordering a slightly longer length to give the stylist room to work with.


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