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Jennifer Lopez’s Recipe to a Perfect Hairstyle: Ombre Weaves and Waves

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Jennifer Lopez went through some hair experiments at the beginning of 2000, but since then, she seems to have stuck with hairstyles that best compliments her beauty. Becoming a Hollywood star and a very desirable woman urged Jennifer to find a look that really brings out her best features. That’s how her soft, wavy, ombre locks have become her signature hairstyle. Don’t be fooled though, she pulls it off with the help of natural hair extensions!

Jennifer Lopez’s Hair a Decade Ago
Jennifer Lopez always had great hair and wore it long. A decade ago, she was sporting darker hair colors. She was seen with an ultra-long plait-come-ponytail, a towering quiff and a full fringe. Her shiny, brunette curls turned into honey-hued side-swept curls and sometimes even retro curls. On the red carpet, Jenny often opted for well-executed beehives, ultra-high-rise hairstyles, flyaway up-dos and half-up hairstyles. Even so, she did try some styles that weren’t our favorites for her- like the half-up curly pigtail and voluminous shoulder-length curls.

Jennifer Lopez’s Signature Hairstyle
Roughly seven years ago, Jennifer Lopez found her signature hairstyle. Her hair was long and styled with soft, wavy, ombre locks. She gave up the darker tones and replaced them with sun kissed colors that match her skin complexion as well. With a solid gold look, all that she needed were a few hair extensions to add volume and length to her natural hair. The fact that this beloved singer wears hair extensions is not a novelty. She did have a few embarrassing situations when the extra hair was revealed- like when she lost a few while dancing onstage in Connecticut.

Showing off her super long golden locks or putting her hair up in a slick up-do seem to be her two favorite hairdos. The Met Gala, the Oscars and the Grammys are just a few events for which she arranged her hair in top knots, high-rise buns or sleek up-dos.

Get Jennifer Lopez’s Look
Gracing the cover of Glamour Magazine in March 2014 was a breeze for Jennifer. She went for long locks and impressive volume. The times when she is not wearing any extra hair is when she reveals a shorter lob hairstyle, with a soft sweeping fringe. The good news is that you can also obtain her fabulous looks by adding natural hair extensions in all the right places.  If that’s your natural hair length, you can easily get her look by adding weave extensions or consider full lace wigs that look incredibly natural and are very comfortable as well. Don’t be afraid to experiment as this Hollywood hottie did and reveal your signature hairstyle!

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