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Long Hair Preferred for 2015 Trends in Hairstyle

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Things are pretty clear when it comes to this year’s trends in hairstyles. Long hair is preferred by all major fashion houses. Boho curls, pony tails and ballerina buns are very popular this season. As for colors, the stars of 2015 are light blonde, shades of honey and champagne. This might not be such good news for those of you who do not have long hair or blonde hair, but fortunately you can always opt for a lace wig if you wanted to jump into the trends. De Novo Hair is resourceful in this regard, offering long and really long lace wigs available in precision cuts, straight & uncut and in curly & wavy styles.  All of our styles are also available in bulk packs and wefts which are used for weaves. Since our lace wigs are made of human hair and look incredibly natural, there’s no reason for you not to have long hair this year if you desire!

Styling options for long hair in 2015

This year’s fashion shows were amazing not just because of the beautiful models or the clothes they were wearing, but also thanks to the hairstyling aspect. The ponytail is reminiscent from last season and it looks definitely messier than last year. Oscar de la Renta had a few models that walked the spring shows sporting ponytails caught at the base of their necks. However, the ponytails were diversified, adding individuality to every model. In addition, Aquilano Rimondi opted for Boho curls, which are characterized by subtleness, being barely perceptive. This hairstyle is related to Bohemian concepts that promote freedom. Interestingly, Ralph Lauren chose models with long and straight hair, as well as Tommy Hilfiger. This look is not at all easy to obtain with shorter locks, but wigs and weaves can transform your look quickly! As for the ballerina buns, they are elegant and look sophisticated. Aigner promoted these types of buns earlier this spring. The secret is not to add the well-known wet look to these buns, but to capture a soft and feminine look.

Coloring options for long hair in 2015

When it comes to trendy hair colors in 2015, the key element is light. The chosen colors are pure and of a graphic simplicity that seems to absorb light. The recommended shades are arranged in layers, so they are gradually revealed. If platinum blonde was last winter’s color, hairstylists now rely on softer shades, such as golden blonde or caramel blonde. This might be another problem in case you want to obtain a very fashionable look in terms of hairstyle and color. Not many of us have natural blonde hair, so going from black, dark brown, or red to blonde may be a challenge. On the bright side, you have the alternative of purchasing a lace wig or weave extensions that meets all the above criteria. When blonde is no longer a star color, you can even dye the wig’s hair in any shade you please! Wearing a wig is no longer unconventional especially since so many celebrities wear one daily.

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