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Embrace Change: How to Switch from a Hair Topper to a Wig with Ease and Grace

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You’ve finally got in your groove with wearing your human hair topper. Your new style feels like part of you, and you’ve gotten your hair routine down to a few minutes. But—yikes!—in the last few weeks you’re noticing that your hairline is getting thinner…and thinner. Is it time to make the switch to a full human-hair wig? The idea seems daunting—adjusting to a new style, learning the ropes, and accepting the fact that you officially wear wigs.

Many women have made this transition in their hair loss journey. You’re not alone. But you feel alone, which is understandable. While there are many women who suffer from hair loss, it’s not exactly something you feel safe to open up about over a cup of coffee. We get it.

So grab a cup of coffee and read on.

Here are a couple things to keep in mind as you make the jump from hair topper to professional wig:

Phone a Friend:

In the famous game show, “Who Wants to be A Millionaire?” if the contestants didn’t know the answer to the trivia question they were given three lifelines, one being “phone a friend.” What a relief! Here you have the potential of a million dollars hanging in the balance with a ticking red clock—and yet you’re given the option to call a friend that can help you find the answer!

You can see where we’re going with this. A friend can be a lifeline as you go through this difficult transition. While you don’t have to go public with your hair woes, it’s a good idea to identify one or two close friends that you can be open with on this journey. You may be surprised to find some of your friends having similar struggles, or know someone they can connect you with. A friend may not have million dollar answers, but talking to a friend can help you feel connected to others as you go through your hair loss journey.

Feel all the Feels:

You’ve watched the youtube videos, read the blogs, you’ve ordered your wig and you’re ready! No! You’re not ready! One moment you’re exhilarated, the next you want to hide under your pillow. Ugh! Why are you such an emotional wreck over hair?

Take a deep breath. Look in the mirror and say, “I am normal.”

It is perfectly reasonable to feel the roller coaster of emotion as you take the big step to full hair wig. In many instances, women find the transition from a topper to wig more challenging than the initial transition to start wearing a topper.

Don’t make your emotions more complicated by adding guilt to the mix. Let yourself feel the full range of emotions as you go through this switch and be loving to yourself. Grace sister! Emotions help us to understand ourselves better, so lean in and learn about how you're growing through this time of transition. You’ll find your groove—but give yourself the time and range of emotions as you process and adjust.

Embrace Freedom:

As you switch to a wig it means accepting new realities and limitations. However, a wig also means new freedom. First, you’ll find that hair styling is easier as you switch from the complicated process of styling a hair topper to the straightforward ease of wearing a human hair wig. Forget about split end woes, and humid weather affecting your style, wigs wear well in every climate!

More, wearing a wig means you save time and money with being able to skip the salon for a cut and color. Hair toppers cause concerns about them slipping out of place, but with a wig, you can shave your natural hair for a comfortable and snug fit.

Any transition means adjustment and sacrifice, but as you make the switch, take the time to enjoy the new comforts that come with being a wig wearer.

Step by Step:

Switching to a lace-front professional wig doesn’t have to be all or nothing. It may be a good idea to ease into your new look. You can start by ordering your first wig and giving it a spin for a trial run, while still wearing your hair topper look on a daily basis.

For many, wearing a wig on the daily means shaving your natural hair for ease and comfort. But you don’t need to take that step right away, if ever. If it’s still an option with your natural hair, many women enjoy switching back and forth from toppers to wigs. This is a gentle way to grow confidence with your new look, and to keep your options open as you build up your wig wardrobe.

Any transition is hard! We hope you can embrace the change and give yourself lots of love and grace in the process. Above all, we hope you find your own kind of beautiful in your hair journey.

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