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Adhesives 101

The #1 question we receive on adhesives is "what's the best adhesive?" Oh, if it were that simple! There are many different kinds of bonding tapes and adhesives on the market that are made especially for the use with lace wigs. The adhesive that is best for you will depend on your personal preference and level of comfort with the product, your lifestyle and your body's chemistry. People have different results using the same products as people vary, for example, with respect to whether they have oily or sensitive skin. So, what's best for you is going to be different than what's best for another person. As the efficacy of the product varies from person to person it can be a trial and error process in finding the best adhesive for you.

De Novo Hair offers a variety of lace wig adhesives, tapes, and removers that are well respected in the hair replacement industry for their proven results. Some are designed for extended wear (1-4 week hold), while others are meant to last a few days to a week. The bonding adhesives vary in their consistency (some are very gooey and some are more liquid in nature) and in their color (some go on white and dry clear, while some are clear to begin with). However, the aim with all is for the adhesive to dry clear, or in some products like Invisibond, to dry in a natural skin tone to be camouflaged against your skin. Tape adhesives are easy to use and provide for any easy clean up. The tape is sticky on both sides- one side is attached to your unit and the other side is attached to your skin. When applying with tapes, be sure to clean your hands and avoid touching the surface area where you will apply it. The oils in your glands can diminish your hold.

We find that new lace wig wearers often overlook the importance of buying removers and solvents for their adhesives. This is a step you do not want to skip! Removers are essential if you use any adhesives. The adhesives are designed to stick very well so you do need a good solvent to properly clean your skin and unit. Please note that Isopropyl Alcohol alone is not a sufficient remover! It helps cut the stickiness for removal and cleans off excess oil on your skin during applications. The 99% Isopropyl Alcohol formula is the best for these uses. However, you will also need an appropriate solvent that will actually help break down and soften the glue so that it is easier to remove from your unit's base. Adhesive manufacturers typically make solvents specified for their particular adhesives, but you can usually use solvents across adhesive brands. Many of these solvents are emollient based, softening up the glue for easier removal while being gentle on your skin.

So you've been working with a particular brand and not getting the results you want? Before chucking that new bottle, you should ask yourself a few questions before moving on to a different product:

1. Did you apply the adhesives per the manufacturer's instructions? Adhesives differ in their properties and should be used as directed for their effectiveness. We cannot stress this enough! For example, some adhesives require the product to get tacky and sticky before applying while some should be adhered to the lace right away. If you don't use as directed, you won't get the expected results.

2. Is your skin and unit clean and free of oils and residue? It should be! Oils break down the effectiveness of your bond.

If after some practice and careful determination, you are still not getting the expected results from your adhesive, you might then consider an alternative that may work better with your body's chemistry.