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Combating Dryness & Breakage

Dryness is a common issue with hair extensions because the hair is no longer receiving a coat of sebum, or oils produced by our skin, from our sebaceous glands. The lack of sebum also contributes to more hair friction resulting in more breakage and hair loss. Accordingly, we need to add moisture to hair units for manageability and refrain from certain practices that make this issue even worse. This is why we recommend against dying the hair if it has already been processed for a curl/wavy/relaxed texture or for a color. The additional process strips the hair of moisture even further. Applying excessive heat, washing the hair too frequently and using products with drying agents like alcohol are big no no's. Remember, this is human hair and prone to damage just like naturally growing hair.

The more processed the hair, the drier it will be. Dryness and friction can lead to brittle hair that sheds frequently so extra steps are needed to preserve the life of your lace wigs. To prevent excessive hair loss, here are some steps you should take:
  • Use mild shampoos that are not harsh on the hair and follow with a conditioner.
  • Refrain from using blow-dryers as the hair is best air-dried.
  • Wrap hair with a satin or silk head-scarf at night to avoid friction.
  • Refrain from scratching hair. This friction causes breakage.
  • Avoid friction by not combing or brushing the hair too frequently.
  • Keep conditioners away from the base of your cap. Buildup here brings about bacteria growth which leads to loosening of the knots and breakage.
  • Avoid over-using heating appliances like flat irons and curling irons. Just as with naturally growing hair, excessive heat will cause dryness, split ends and breakage.