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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions


What is a lace wig?

The first time purchase of a lace wig can be a bit confusing as there are so many terms used for lace wigs. Lace unit, cranial hair prosthetic, hair system, and lace front wig, for example, are all terms used to describe lace wigs. Lace wigs can be made in so many different ways, that’s why it is best to ask questions. One of the primary advantages of lace wigs over a traditional wig is that they are the most natural looking and comfortable wigs available. Hair is hand tied onto a thin lace base (think of a sheer pantyhose stocking, but not that fragile of a material), creating the illusion of naturally growing hair. All of De Novo Hair’s wigs are full lace wigs which are all hand-tied. This allows for the most lightweight, comfortable and natural looking wig available. Many of our competitors carry lace front wigs- where hair is only hand-tied for a small portion on the front of the wig and the rest of the wig is machine made with bulky wefts of hair. This wig cap construction suits some well, but our clientele are usually interested in hair replacement options that best mimic naturally growing hair. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality and most natural looking wigs/hair prosthetics technology available.

Why might a lace wig be a good choice for me?

If you have landed on our site, you have probably been searching for a better hair replacement option for medically related or stress related hair loss. Though many people wear lace wigs for a natural looking fashion option or for protective styles, many of our customers are hair loss clients who place a high value on the quality and naturalness of their hair pieces. We service women of all races and ethnicities and specialize in a wide variety of textured hair- from silky straight to afro kinky curls- we have a texture for you. If you are tired of the beauty supply store quality and variety, we are here to help!

What kind of hair is used on your wigs?

All of our wigs are made with Remy and Virgin human hair. This means you can wash with human hair shampoos and style with flat irons and rollers just like you would with naturally growing hair with one major caveat- human hair will get damaged with too much processing. As with your own hair, you should minimize heat and chemical processing, especially if the hair you ordered has already been processed for a dye or curl. 

I’ve never used a lace wig before. Can I put it on myself?

Absolutely! We will consult with you on what might be the best option for you given your lifestyle, comfort and experience with wigs, etc. We provide customized service and want you to feel confident in your purchase.

What do all the wig specifications mean? What type of wig or cap construction will be best for me?

The best place to start is with our Ordering Guides for an explanation of wig specifications. There we explain all of the options available and can answer all of your questions with a scheduled phone consultation.

How is the length measured and how do I know what length to buy?

The length of our wigs is measured from the crown to the hair's tip (from crown to back, where the hair would fall on your back). The length of layered hairstyles will be described based on the length of the hair before styling. Use measuring tape to measure from the crown of your head to where you want the hair to fall on your back. If the hair of the wig is longer than what you desire, you can have it expertly cut by your stylist.

How long will my wig last?

The life of your wig will depend on your use and care of it. If handled properly, it should last you about 6 months or longer before needing hair added or a repair. If used as your main form of hair replacement and you are using daily, it is realistic to expect it to last 3-6 months before needing a repair or hair added.

Can I send in a template of my head?

Yes, we accept head templates to achieve the best fit. Most of our customers achieve a good fit off of their measurements alone, however. Please note that the use of a template or sample may extend your delivery time by one week.

What’s the best way to choose a hair color?

Computer monitors display colors differently, so the best way to choose an exact color would be to order a hair color sample (sample order total is deducted from your wig order) or to send us a color sample to duplicate. Most people fall within natural hair color ranges and have an idea of their hair color already and can order based on the descriptions (for example, Color 1 = jet black, while Color 2 = dark brown, etc.).

Can I dye the hair?

The technical answer is yes, but we do not recommend any further processing of the hair if it has already been dyed and processed. Further, only experienced colorists should attempt to color the hair. Remember that though the hair is 100% human hair, it is just as prone to damage from excessive processing as your own hair. We are not responsible for the results.


Why De Novo Hair?

De Novo Hair takes customer service and satisfaction seriously. “De Novo” literally means to make anew. Our focus is not on hair, per se, but on self-identification, transformation and character. Whether you a looking for a new style, glamour, or everyday practicality, we have you in mind. Our catalog includes choices in a range of styles, textures and colors that can be custom made to your specifications.

We understand that there are many different reasons why one would want or need to buy a lace wig or hairpiece and we will consult with you about your specific needs. Many wear lace wigs as a result of hair loss due to alopecia, hormonal changes, radiation treatment, illness, or stress, just no name a few. Others take advantage of the superior advantages of the fashion alternatives available with lace wigs: one can change styles without chemically processing or cutting one's own hair, use lace wigs for protective styling to nourish hair and stimulate healthy hair growth, use as a transitional style between hair processing or use while growing out one's natural hair texture. Whatever the case, with De Novo Hair, you can reclaim your style and confidence with one of the most realistic looking hair extensions on the market!

Do you have a physical store location?

Not yet! We have operated online for 10 years and will open a boutique consultation room soon. Stay tuned! Sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date with our sales and news!

I would like to order a custom full lace wig but have no idea where to start. Can you help me?

Yes, absolutely! Just email or give us a call to schedule a consultation.

What is De Novo Hair's return policy?
Click here to review our store polices.

What hair products do you have in stock?

Because we specialize in custom lace wigs, our in-stock offerings may not be as extensive as others. We carefully select in-stock products to feature. To view our online in stock catalog, visit our in-stock collection of hair products.

Are you still able to make the custom lace wig "(fill in the blank)"? Haven't seen her in the style's gallery for some time now.

Yes! We can duplicate older catalog styles and even styles that are not in our store. Send us a picture or reference one of our older styles and we will take it from there!

Can I have a printed catalog mailed to me?

Because our catalog updates frequently, we currently only maintain an online catalog in our store.

How do I obtain a quote for a custom made order?

You may fill out the custom order form directly on the item page that you are interested in and add the selections to your cart to view pricing. Leave any comments or questions in the comments field. Our system will add your total and show your quote based on your selections. You can also call or email to schedule a phone consultation.

When will I receive my order?

In stock and custom orders have different delivery times. Custom orders generally take 6-9 weeks, depending on the complexity of the order and our manufacturing schedule. Some in-stock orders have longer processing times than others, so be sure to check the item’s page, which will list the time frame needed to deliver the stock order.

What forms of payment are accepted for online purchases?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and also process payments through PayPal. The customer can make the choice during the checkout process. We also accept valid Money Orders by mail. We will only hold an item if we receive verification (tracking information or delivery confirmation) that the money order has been mailed. Once the money order clears, we will ship your order. We also accept payments through your health insurance company. Each insurance company differs on their procedures but we will work with you on processing your claims.

Do you have a financing plan?

Not at this time. Custom orders may be placed with a 50% deposit, however, with the balance due within 60 days.

Do you accept my insurance?

We can provide a medical receipt for your purchase to submit to your insurance company. If you have insurance benefits for hair loss related reasons, give us a call for us to determine whether we can process your claim.

Do you provide repair services on your units?

If your lace wig unit is eligible for a repair, we provide repairs only for units purchased from We will first need information on your repair request to determine whether your unit will be eligible for a repair. The cost of the repair depends on the amount of work that is needed. To request a repair, first email us for a Repair Form. All products MUST be thoroughly cleaned and have no glue or residue for a repair. We do not provide cleaning services and are unable to repair if the product is not cleaned properly. Repairs typically take 6-8 weeks to complete.


When will my order arrive and what shipping methods do you offer?

Each in stock item will indicate the processing and shipping time needed to fulfill the order. Custom orders generally take 6 to 9 weeks to be manufactured. We ship through multiple carriers, but primarily through USPS and FedEx. Click here for more information about our shipping policies.

How is sales tax charged?

Items being shipped to New York will incur New York State sales tax at the current rate. Customers in other states are not charged New York sales tax.

Can orders be shipped to a P.O. box?

Yes. Orders being shipped to P.O. box addresses must be shipped via USPS.

Can orders be shipped to countries outside the U.S.?

We do ship worldwide but require further verification of credit card orders.

Can you ship to an address other than my billing address?

Generally, no. However, if you have a special request, we can try to accommodate your requests with additional verifications. We will only ship to billing addresses for International Orders.