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Hair Types & Textures

Our wigs are made with regular Remy and Virgin Remy hair. Our current offerings are between Indian, Chinese, Brazilian, Mongolian, Malaysian, Burmese or European hair. Each hair type comes from donors in their respective countries, with European hair coming mostly from Russia. Depending on the style or texture achieved, the hair goes through some processing which makes it less prone to tangling or matting that is often experienced with hair widely available in local markets. All of our curly, wavy and Relaxed textures are permed to these textures unless otherwise specified. Virgin hair is the highest quality hair as it is not processed and comes all from one donor. Even if we process it for a curl or color, Virgin hair will be of better quality and manageability than regular Remy.

Curly, wavy and Relaxed textured styles have more processing than those that are not as they are processed for both a color and the curl/relaxed textured pattern. Because most of the hair available is naturally dark, in order to achieve a lighter color, the hair will go through an extra process where the dark color has to be "stripped" and then the lighter color added. Therefore, light colored hair is processed more than the darker colors (unless you choose Virgin light colored hair which does not go through this step; however, it is also more rare and very expensive). Because lighter colored hair goes through this extra processing, we do not offer very curly/wavy styles in lighter colors because the additional process of the permanent curl (on top of the color stripping and color adding) will be too damaging to the hair. The hair will go limp and basically will not take the perm. Natural light colored hair (blondes and light browns, for example) are available by special order per market prices. Usually this hair originates from Russia or Ukraine.

When picking out a hair texture, many customers find it easy to pick out one that's close to their own. When it comes to curly or wavy styles, you can simply name the wig to pick out the curl you like (e.g., "Sulaika"). For any of our straight styles, you will pick out a straight texture. You can curl the straight hair any way you like, but when it's wet and re-dries, it will retain the following textures:

1. Silky Straight: Silky with sheen. This hair type is not textured and is suitable for woman of all ethnicities, matching the texture of hair that grows straight naturally (without having any chemical processing to make it straight).  

2. Regular Relaxed: Textured but smooth & straight. This hair type resembles chemically straightened curly or tightly coiled hair. In likeness of a "fresh relaxer" look, it is our most popular texture.

3. Coarse Relaxed: Highly textured. This hair type resembles tightly coiled Afro hair that has been straightened. It has less sheen than the Regular Relaxed. Don't let the name fool you though. It is still soft and manageable. This is the texture for those who do not want any hint of silkiness in their texture but still want a relaxed textured straight look.

4. Natural Relaxed: Semi-Straight and highly textured. Resembles flat ironed or blow dried coily/curly/wavy hair that has been straightened without chemicals. A full textured straight look. This hair may be a bit full for some but it is a dream for those looking for thick afro straight hair. It is typically worn flat ironed for a sleeker look.