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Ordering Guide

It may seem overwhelming at first, but we encourage you to take the time to read through our ordering guide materials. Though this information is especially helpful to those who have never ordered or worn a wig before, sometimes it's just easier to pick out a wig from it's design. If you see something you like on our site, from a magazine or have an old wig that you would like to duplicate, we can consult with you based on those pictures and help you with the ordering process.

Cap Design
Here you will learn about your cap construction choices. It's not really a "one size fits all" principle when it comes to lace units. Just keep in mind how you'd like to make best use of your unit and work from there to pick out your cap design.

How to Measure
Getting your measurements down correctly will be the key to your satisfaction with your purchase. Believe it or not, it is not very hard to take your measurements! Just pull out your measuring tape and follow our easy guides.

Color Guide
Have fun with color! Some like to stick with their natural hair color, while others take advantage of the versatility in changing up their style! Lace wigs certainly give you great options!

Hair Types
We provide 100% human hair for all our hair products. Human hair affords great versatility but you should also take notice of some of the limitations. Here you will learn of the different hair types and textures available.

Adhesives 101
The #1 question we receive on adhesives is "What's the best adhesive?" Oh, if it were that simple! There are many different adhesives on the market and you should start here in terms of making sense of your choices.